Little Blue Elementary is the Lee’s Summit campus partner school.  One of our goals as a conference is to forge partnerships with elementary schools, and help children reach reading proficiency by the third grade. Studies have shown that if students aren’t reading at their grade level by third grade, they have a very low rate of success academically later in life. Our goal is to help students get passionate about reading while they’re still young, as well as provide a caring presence in their lives. 

How Can You Help?

We’re looking for people who would like to become reading buddies. A reading buddy is someone willing to spend a bit of time each week reading with kids at Little Blue Elementary. 

The ideal reading buddy is a patient individual who doesn’t mind listening to kids read. A reading buddy is a good role model, and willing to get to know the kiddos they read with. Above all, a reading buddy is a positive cheer-leader for kiddos who may need a bit of encouragement from a caring adult to succeed.