It is the mission of Neighbor2Neighbor to provide meals and meet other daily needs in the context of a supportive community among homeless and near-homeless persons in the 35th & Prospect area of Kansas City.

Woods Chapel Church has provided 50 sack lunches per week for years and has regular volunteers go and help out.

Neighbor2Neighbor offers breakfast and a hot lunch or sack lunch five days a week. They also offer hygiene supplies, clothing, drug referrals, and a listening ear. They have a social worker, and they also work at finding job training opportunities.

On Wednesday evenings, they offer a meal at 5 p.m., followed by Bible study for those interested.

Neighbor2Neighbor is about relationships.

  • serving homeless and near-homeless persons

  • becoming neighbors together in supportive community

  • offering generous hospitality 

  • building accountability among staff, neighbors, and volunteers