Care Ministry

Congregational Care Ministry is an extension of the pastoral staff, growing and connecting through care, loving through loss, supporting through prayers, and celebrating in times of joy.


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Let our Team know:

Care Notifications

For those facing surgery, procedure, or hospitalization, let us know here.

Prayer Requests

Let us know how we can be praying for you, your friends, or family here

Celebration Notification

Whether celebrating a new baby, new job, retirement, or something else, let us know here.


Care Resources

No matter your age, you can give the gift of peace of mind to your family by planning ahead with our Woods Chapel Church funeral pre-plan form.

Next Steps Resources are available for those wanting guidance on what needs to be done when you have lost a loved one such as self care, planning a service, who needs to be contacted, as well as forms needed for informing various agencies. Forms available here (courtesy of Longview Funeral Home).

Our Team

The purpose of our Congregational Care Team is just as it sounds--to take care of the congregation. This includes everything from following up on prayer requests; praying with members of the congregation before surgery; visiting members who are home-bound, in hospitals, rehab units, and long-term care centers; providing meals after hospital discharge; and being there during hospice. Whatever the situation, our Congregational Care Team is there to walk alongside those in need.

  • Steph Allen

  • Walt Barnes

  • Carol Bennett

  • Len Bennett

  • DuVonne Campbell

  • Sam Campbell

  • Kathy Canfield

  • Kathy Christenson

  • Elaine Crippen

  • Harriett Deitchler

  • Ron Deitchler

  • Tiffanie Dinges

  • Jim Dittmer

  • Brian Dunn

  • Kelly Edmondson

  • Diane Harper

  • Megan Henson

  • Mary Ann Hillman

  • Nina Hinrichs

  • Georgia Johnson

  • Nancy Johnson

  • Deon Karr

  • Cindy Kupka

  • Steve Lane

  • Julie LeVake

  • Mike LeVake

  • Rhonda Lytle

  • Sarah Maksin

  • Kara McBurney

  • Harry McDonough

  • Jerry Meisenheimer

  • Karen Meisenheimer

  • Jan Miller

  • Michael Miller

  • Cheryl Perkins

  • Keith (Dwight) Perkins

  • Ashley Pollard

  • Steve Price

  • Paul Quinlan

  • Marca Quinn

  • Mike Rieman

  • Jenna Saucier

  • John Sherley

  • Valerie Sherley

  • Heath Vaughan

  • Paul Walters

  • Sherry Walters

  • Linda Wells

  • C.O. West

  • Ann Williams

  • Lee Williams

  • Kara Wilson

If you’re interested in serving with our team, visit the Serve page.

Care Groups


Tuesdays // 7 p.m. // Room 301

Cancer Ministries

Breakfast Club & Cancer Connection

A networking system for the diagnosed person, family and friends. Led by Jonnie Wells.

1st Thursdays // 8:30 a.m. // Room 322 // Lee's Summit 

Divorce & Break-Up Recovery Support Group

Led by Paula Higbee & Mary Maupin, and Don Canfield as Co-Facilitator.

Wednesdays (September 11 - October 30) // 6:30 p.m. // Room 310

Gamblers Anonymous

Wednesdays // 7:15 p.m. // Rooms 101-102 (enter through the Fellowship Hall) // Led by Marti Janssen

Parents by Heart

Next Meeting TBD

A group for anyone raising children through a non-traditional route, including adoptions, foster care, or grandparents. This group is open to the entire community and childcare is provided! Led by Ashley Huff and Selma Dakota.

Parkinson's Support Group

A support group for patients and caregivers through listening, friendship, speakers, and activities. Led by Sandy Gutekunst

1st Mondays // 6:30 p.m. // Room 301